Adding a SPI-based SD card reader

I have a 2.4" TFT LCD display that also has a SPI-based SD card reader on it. I’d like to interface it to my BeagleBone Black. I see there’s a Pocket Beagle device tree[1] for a SPI-based micro sd on a click board.

Could this project be as easy as editing this dt to change it to the BBB’s SPI bus? What am I missing?


[1] at master · beagleboard/ · GitHub

Hi Mark,

What model of TFT screen is this? Specifically what chip is used for the LCD driver?

It’s an ili9341.


Have you got the screen up and running?

If so, what driver/library did you use?

It’s running a pygame-based weather app right now. Details: EBC Exercise 12a 2.4 TFT LCD display via SPI -


Very nice!

Thank you for all these great tutorials