Adding GUI to iOT

Just received first BBB rev C. Instructions say it boots into GUI but it does not. Checked version on eMMC and it is an IOT version of Buster.
Question: Best way to add GUI to it while still residing on eMMC?


If you look at images or Bullseye in the search bar, you will find all kinds of ideas in this forum.

Outside of that idea, sudo apt install xfce4 , will get you a GUI.


P.S. It may be too beefy to handle on the eMMC. There is openbox. I think someone has some ideas on this forum of openbox to boot into a GUI for LCD screens or if you are running the BBB from HDMI.

Hey…here: Openbox - Debian Wiki .

If you have a phew GB to spare, you may be able to get away w/ a full-blown OS w/ GUI on your BBB. I say use a minimal image or the XFCE4 image but you are on eMMC. It is hard to tell if you will go over in space since you are only allowed 4GB.

Great information! TY soo much! I have done GUI installs on my PC with Ubuntu, but was not aware of the memory constraints or if there would be low factor versions made for BBB
TY again!

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Hello @rfeyer ,

Seth here again. Be careful to not use all your memory on the eMMC when adding a GUI OS.


P.S. Once you put a constrained system in bloat mode, the eMMC will not act as usual, e.g. this goes for any system with full memory. I think this is why people have begun to see the price of TB cease. Anyway, no issue. I am glad to be of some use. So, before you calculate your openbox or xfce4 for your Distro on the BBB, or any other GUI OS, be weary of the amount of actual space it takes up.

I think the eMMC is 4 GB right. So, if you put a 2 GB GUI OS on it, constrained it will be currently and most likely it will not allow you to sign in if you also need to update/upgrade and/or add more libs.

awesome to see your thoughts again - especially since I have been doing trial and error all day. Not used to eMMC at all (am used to Linux and RPi to a mild degree).
Had no luck at all with the ‘latest’ distro’s (which date back to 2020). However, on the forum, the latest Debian 11+ xcfs is doing fairly well, running off SD card.
So, playing around with that now :slight_smile: Again, TY!

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