Additional Cape pins in diagram Fig 70 in the SRM?

In Figure 70, it shows the mechanical dimensions of the Cape, as well as the locations of the mounting holes and headers P8 and P9. But it also shows a set of 10 pins near the Ethernet jack notch. What are those intended to be?

There are also four test points (TP5 - 8) that I believe connect to the PMIC. What are the mechanical locations of those relative to the Cape origin, and what hole size are they? I'd like to add battery backup to my Cape, and putting pins right through these would be easiest.

Lastly, what are the positions of the console port pins relative to the origin? It would be easier for me to pass those up through my Cape than to try to connect to them with a Cape attached.

BTW, I looked online for this information and couldn't find it via Google searches.


What board do you have?