Additional CS for SPI0 Beagle Bone Black Wireless

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I am using the SPI0 bus (using SPIDEV) for an application and want to use the P9_12 as an additional chip select in the Beagle Bone Black Wireless. I have changed the universal-cape-00A0.dts file to include an option to configure p9.12 as spi_cs. However, whenever I want to run the program the pin does not work as a chip select.


are you shure P9_12 as CS pin ?


That is correct.

The highlighted items in the table you shared are the pins set up for SPI1, however, I need to use SPI0 which is in pins P9.17, P9.18, P9.21, and P9.22.

According to other forums one can set gpios as an “spi_cs” in SPI0 to have additional slaves. I want to understand how to that.

You can set other gpio’s as a spi_cs, but you need to update your device tree…

While you are using P9_12… Here’s an example of using P8_10 as spi_cs for spi1, so adjust accordinly:

Needs to be mode 7 gpio:

AM33XX_IOPAD(0x0898, PIN_INPUT | MUX_MODE7 ) /* P8_10 (U6) gpmc_wen.gpio2_4 */

update the spi1 node with a new cs-gpio:

cs-gpios = <0>, <0>, <&gpio2 4 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;

Then adjust the device node:

w5500: ethernet@2 {

Here’s the full example… (adjust for P9_12)…


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Hi Thank you so much!

Do you know which files I need to change for SPI0, the file provided is for SPI1 I really need to get this working for SPI0.

Grab any of the BB-SPI0-* examples here and add your new cs…


Hi Robert,

This approach did not work for me. Is there a specific file that one has to use? Or does any file work?

I compiled it and moved the dtbo file to the /lib/firmware folder and rebooted the system. Is this what had to be done?

I have also added it to the uEnv.tct file and it did not work.

Can I use p9.17 at the same time I am using other Chip selects? (I’ve read that you should not use p9.17 if you are using other chip selects, just wanted to confirm)

Please share which pins you are using, can we assume the spidev driver?


Hi Robert,

Yes, you can assume SPIDEV.

I am using SPI0 which are the pins P9.17, P9.18, P9.21, and p9.22.

I want an additional chip select pin using P9.12. If P9.17 cannot be used at the same time as using gpios chip selects then I am looking to use P9.15 as chip select.

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Hi Robert,

Have you’ve been able to find if it works? I have tried different approaches.

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Something like this should work…


#include <dt-bindings/gpio/gpio.h>
#include <dt-bindings/pinctrl/am33xx.h>
#include <dt-bindings/interrupt-controller/irq.h>

 * Free up the pins used by the cape from the pinmux helpers.
&ocp {
	P9_17_pinmux { status = "disabled"; };	/* P9_17 (A16) spi0_cs0.spi0_cs0 */
	P9_18_pinmux { status = "disabled"; };	/* P9_18 (B16) spi0_d1.spi0_d1 */
	P9_21_pinmux { status = "disabled"; };	/* P9_21 (B17) spi0_d0.spi0_d0 */
	P9_22_pinmux { status = "disabled"; };	/* P9_22 (A17) spi0_sclk.spi0_sclk */
	P9_12_pinmux { status = "disabled"; };

&am33xx_pinmux {
	bb_spi0_pins: pinmux_bb_spi0_pins {
		pinctrl-single,pins = <
			AM33XX_PADCONF(AM335X_PIN_SPI0_SCLK, PIN_INPUT, MUX_MODE0)	/* P9_22 (A17) spi0_sclk.spi0_sclk */
			AM33XX_PADCONF(AM335X_PIN_SPI0_D0, PIN_INPUT, MUX_MODE0)	/* P9_21 (B17) spi0_d0.spi0_d0 */
			AM33XX_PADCONF(AM335X_PIN_SPI0_D1, PIN_INPUT, MUX_MODE0)	/* P9_18 (B16) spi0_d1.spi0_d1 */
			AM33XX_PADCONF(AM335X_PIN_SPI0_CS0, PIN_INPUT, MUX_MODE0)	/* P9_17 (A16) spi0_cs0.spi0_cs0 */

&spi0 {
	#address-cells = <1>;
	#size-cells = <0>;

	status = "okay";
	pinctrl-names = "default";
	pinctrl-0 = <&bb_spi0_pins>;
	cs-gpios = <0>, <0>, <&gpio1 28 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;

	channel@2 {
		#address-cells = <1>;
		#size-cells = <0>;

		compatible = "rohm,dh2228fv";

		reg = <0x2>;
		spi-max-frequency = <16000000>;

Hi Robert,

It is really not working for me. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

Best regards,

Hi Robert!

Which version of debian are you using? (Where that code works)


Lianne, did you ever find a solution to this?
I’m now also trying to set up an extra CS pin on SPI (SPI1 instead of SPI0 unlike you) and I haven’t been successful with Robert’s instructions here.

I wonder if there’s any way to check that the device tree overlay worked as expected? I.e., if I use pin-config -l <my pin> should I expect to see SPI as an option?

Hi I have same problem with my BB.
I use SPI0 with CS0 P9.17 for control a ADC. It work vary well.
I want 3 additional chip select pin using P9.15, P9.13 and P9.11. Another 3 ADC, one CS each.
If P9.17 cannot be used at the same time as using gpios chip selects then I am looking to use P9.15 as chip select.
Does anyone have a solution to this problem?
I need to command four identical ADCs that I have on the board, all with SPI0 and each with its Chip Select.

Best regards