Adeno Win CE on BeagleBone Black

Dear all

I have loaded a 4GB SD card with the MLO and EBOOTSD.nb0 and NK.bin that comes with the Demo package (AM335X_BeagleBoneBlack_WEC7_BIN_V0131),Also I have formatted the card with Fat32 and 4096 byte sectors (using windows foarmt), and I have used the TI SD card utility for flashing the SD card, Also I have pushed the user button before power up,
But noting happens!!!
when I power the board up the leds won’t flash, and there is no activity on the Serial header, So I think it’s a boot problem, How can I be sure that the MLO is in the first sector of the SD card?

I have loaded angstrom, android and ubunto succsfuly on BeagleBone Black, I just want to compare what Win CE has to offer,So If you have booted successfully the Adeno Win CE please help me too,


if you card is bigger than 2gb you cant copy it to bbb memory. But you could just load your win from the card.

just turn on you bbb with out press boot botton.

Dear friend,
I also facing the same problem. Just send me if you got the solution.
thanks in advance…

Hi All,

I don’t remember if it is the same for the BBB as the original BB, but for win ce
you needed to format the card with the HP USB utility and then the 1st file that
was copied to the card had to be the mlo. This way it was in the proper location.
Yes, otherwise the system would not boot.

Hope that helps. If I find it’s different I’ll let you know.

OK, I confirmed with my guy who is doing the ce on BBB and
he is using the HP utility to format the uSD cards and then the
1st file copied to the card is the MLO. Then he copies all the
other files over. This is what is working for him