did anyone evaluated Adobe Flash Plug-In provided by TI? I’m interested in the performance.


I wanted to, but did not find this plugin. According to Adobe’s website it is discontinued. I did not even find an older version to test.

Anyway, I used VLC to play youtube videos on line, which worked great!

It's actually not on adobe's site, but on ti's..

I signed up and downloaded but just haven't tested it.


I did try to download a week ago, but when I confirmed the order, I got a 404 error, webpage not found! I sent an email to TI, and never got a reply.

I had already gave up.

Anyway, I just tried it again now and my request was sent for approval. Thanks for remembering :slight_smile:


I have registered and downloaded a package. Just need to test it somehow

2010/10/12 Rafael Aroca <>

How did you use VLC to play youtube? did you use the VLC plugin or downloaded the youtube flv file and played it?

Both works :slight_smile:

If you have an FLV file, simply run vlc filename.flv

If you want to play directly from web, update the youtube.lua script which comes with vlc to a new version. The use the option open URL and type the youtube address as you type in the browser, and then you will have the playback on vlc! works great :slight_smile:


Hi, where did you get the new youtube.lua file - not obvious from a
search what is the latest compatible with Beagleboard / xM?

what if you open site like or Will VLC help then?

2010/10/14 lchile <>

Maxim Podbereznyy wrote:

what if you open site like <> or
<>? Will VLC help then?

opening these sites, nothing will help you :slight_smile:

Maxim Podbereznyy wrote:

I have registered and downloaded a package. Just need to test it somehow

AFAIK, its a regular NPAPI browser plugin, so it should run in some
of the browsers that angstrom offers.

Hi, as youtube.lua is a script, there are no compatibility issues.

I don’t remember where I got it, but its on the latest vlc package.

Anyway, I made available the script I have working here:

Simply replace


with this new file

Then open vlc, go to File, Open Location and paste the youtube URL.


Hi Max,

Any luck with the test? I downloaded a copy from TI myself, but
encountered this error when installing it on my Beagleboard XM running

   ./Flash10.1_Firefox_Plugin-0.4-Linux-x86-Install.bin: 1: Syntax
error: "(" unexpected

Are you seeing the same thing?


Hi George,

I did have a time for it, but I think you were wrong to run this package at XM. I believe you should run it at your PC host. It is like the Codec package from TI - it is installed at x86 host.

2010/11/5 George <>

Hi Max,

I ran the bin file on a x86 Linux machine, and the error did not
appear. But how can I test the TI Flash plugin on the Beagleboard XM
platform since the plugin is installed on the host computer?


Once extracted on an x86 pc, just copy the plugin to the firefox plugin directory on you arm root file system.