Advanced diagnostics

I’m new to the Beagle Board, but very pleased with what I’ve seen so far. In passing, related to my professional life, I’ve reviewed the list of basic diagnostics at and have two questions:

  1. Are these commonly used? By whom, and for what purpose?

  2. Is there a need within the community for a more comprehensive set of validation tests?

Thanks all!

– S

These tests are provided to allow a Beagle user to check out their board and reset it to the factory fresh mode. We commonly ask a user to do this to check out the HW and to remove any SW dependencies which could be the cause of the issue they might be having. It is also used to reflash the NAND when the user corrups the NAND. These are basically the tests that are run at the factory. We have a test suite that is used at the factory to implement these tests prior to the board shipping.