Advice on Project. BBB

I’m an industrial electrician and I’m working on making a weigh scale.

I have chosen the BBB and so far have had success with the basics. I can ssh to the BBB with putty and have connected it to the network and have successfully pinged some sites. I have used some sample C++ code and compiled on the command line with G++. I have edited some example code and have controlled the user Led’s.

I’m running the angstrom distro

I have installed Virtual box on a PC and have installed Ubunto. I plan to install Eclispe C++ But for now I have to use the Nano editor and G++.

I have got so far in the design but have hit a wall now.

I wanted to use a separate ADC maybe the ADS7818 or ADS1252 these are SPI. Is this the right path as I read on here that SPI was unstable under Linux or Should I go for I2c?

I have found a good tutorial but it is for the Ardinio

Ideally I would like to just display the value of the ADC on the linux shell and just have it updating the value.

I’m out of my depth and really need a little help.

Many Thanks


so can you specify what exact question you have? Use i2c adc and stop worrying