After chsh to /usr/local/bin/zsh no root login: PAM Authehtication failed


I installed zsh from source on my beaglebone and chsh the shell from
/bin/sh to /usr/local/bin/zsh...
Now I cannot login due to PAM authentication failure.

On my PC this kind of change was without any problem...

Since I was still logged in I could manually edit /etc/password back
to /bin/sh (chsh reported the same auth. fail.) so I have my beagle
back...but what can I do that chsh to zsh dont result in that

Thank you very much in advance for any help!
Best regards,


figured out the problem myself:
make install
in the zsh's source doesnt update /etc/shells...

Thanks for the help anyway!
Best regards,
mcc <> [12-08-25 11:20]: