AI-64 and Google Coral TPU test

I just feel like sharing this test with community for sake of the record. We tried AI-64 with single Google Coral TPU plugged to M.2 slot. They call it “Coral Compatibility Test Suite” and is meant for qualification of appliance in question being Coral certified/classified. Card itself is here : Google Coral Single TPU M.2 Key A/E
cts.txt (1016.7 KB)
and test results (ALL passed) are attached.


  1. It took a few attempts for test suite to run to completion - board would hand in different places during the test with only power LED on. It looks like image (latest Debian 11.3 from downloadable area)

  2. Running it from eMMC was somewhat challenging due to the fact that these 16G space was filling very fast, so we had to move away with 64G MicroSD, so it is not clear if 1) above was a result of MicroSD use or pure image related bugs. It was not a memory issue (tested consumption with top and htop).

  3. We also have an access to dual TPU card here Dual TPU Coral M.2 Key A/E, but in order to test it we need to turn on this secondary PCIe lane at M.2 slot. If anybody can walk us through the procedure of turning it on then we will be happy to run the same test with dual Coral TPU - I think such a test will be extremely valuable due to the fact that I do not know any other dual PCIe lane M.2 Key A or E card that would follow PCI-SIG prescriptive pinout. It will test/confirm a) Secondary PCIe lane working condition and b) Correctness of PCI-SIG M.2 Type 1 Key A or E pinout implemented at AI-64.