AI-64 is extremely hot

Just got mine up and running and its very hot, the edges of the board are hot, connectors are hot and heatsink is almost untouchable plus board smells hot.

First I thought it was dead until reading the post about using an active adapter for the video. Now it is working running Debian 11.

Is this normal?

power supply is 5VDC.

It should run about 65C or 150F. This is normal.

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Adding a slow fan will get the temp down to around 40C when idle.

It is an automotive spec chip so it can run hot I got mine up to 90C while testing out the fan to check the speed adjusted.

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Will this be enough to cool it in an industrial control cabinet?

I suspect that will depend on the volume of the cabinet and the ambient temperature and the airflow of the fan.

If you are worried and noise is not an issue, you can always use some larger 12V fans

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Hello @foxsquirrel ,

I am new to the BBAI-64 but I learned quickly that it can handle heat. I have a small, 5v USB fan on the heatsink so far w/ a 128GiB SD Card in it.

I ran so many cmake and make commands for edgeai-ti-tool and this link w/ all it entails. Now, did I conquer it in one swift blow? No. I am still working to make magic happen but, oh and the link is GitHub - TexasInstruments/edgeai-tidl-tools: Edgeai TIDL Tools and Examples - This repository contains Tools and example developed for Deep learning runtime (DLRT) offering provided by TI’s edge AI solutions. , the amount of processing this thing can handle is neat.

That USB fan cooled the heatsink even at high loads w/ building many libs. at once and trying to “conquer” the TIDL tools.

It builds OpenCV among other libs, and if this is the right link I was showing, along w/ about six others that need to be sought after in my life.

To tell you the truth…

  1. The amount of space it actually takes to build all the libs. was remarkable.
  2. The BBAI-64 did not faulter, i.e. which was odd since my building of the libs. took me for turn after turn.

Anyway, there are some good 5v fans out there and 12v fans that can be adapted to the heat sink.


P.S. For now, w/out using it for motion control and just building intensive libs, I have found that I am missing one key ingredient. This so far is an unknown ingredient for my builds. Blah. I know! But…in hindsight, I will keep it up and search, search, search.

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@foxsquirrel ,

Sorry. USB fans and PWM controlled fans should work fine from what I have found.

Also, there is a person that made a connector to the heatsink in one post on this forum.


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