AI-64 - RT Kernel?

Hi Guys,

What is the best way of getting the RT Kernel onto the AI-64?



Hi @AndrewCapon right now it doesn’t boot with RT…



Do you think this is something that might be coming soon?

i’d actually like to make RT on as the default…

we don’t do this with am335x, as the musb ip for usb bus is always broken…

Where as K3 doesn’t have that ip block…


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Any progress? I see a mention on the 26th of last month but didn’t find anything else major, not sure exactly what to look for though…

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no news is maybe bad news?

Yep I’m still interested in this, would be good to get some news.

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Hello new to this beaglebone AI-64 and this forum, but am also very interested in getting a linux real time kernel installed and working on the BeagelBone AI-64 board.

it look s like I have:

debian@BeagleBone:~$ uname -a
Linux BeagleBone 5.10.90-ti-arm64-r28 #1bullseye SMP PREEMPT Thu Jan 13 15:02:48 UTC 2022 aarch64 GNU/Linux

also have been able to install/update:
sudo apt-get install linux-image-5.10.0-21-rt-arm64

which actually looks like a slightly older 5.10 kernel.
Also apt-get install of that kernel, also does not seem to actually make the board boot to that kernel, but it does look like it has installed the kernel files:

debian@BeagleBone:/boot$ ls
config-5.10.0-21-rt-arm64      initrd.img-5.10.90-ti-arm64-r28
Image-5.10.90-ti-arm64-r28     vmlinuz-5.10.0-21-rt-arm64
initrd.img-5.10.0-21-rt-arm64  vmlinuz-5.10.90-ti-arm64-r28

so couple of questions:

  1. is this right way to go to get the RT kernel installed? are the new versions?
  2. how do I get the board to boot with this kernel, maybe modify the /boot/firmware/extlinux/extlinux.conf file?
  3. would it better to clone a new kernel from linux mainline, and build a kernel with the config’s I need want? is there a reference defconfig for this processor and the RT options?

thanks for any help!


Hi Simon,

I think you are going to have to wait for the BB guys to sort this out, I’m waiting…

That’s Debian’s mainline 5.10.x base kernel, the BeagleBone AI-64 came out after, don’t expect full Debian support till 6.1.x, but even that needs a backport…

RT is still not booting on 5.10.x for us yet…


thanks for the quick responses. Does the mainline linux support this chip yet? happy to clone a branch from and build a kernel.

Mainline works pretty good, use the default arm64 defconfig…


quick update for those that are interested. have built and installed a linux-6.2.y-rt kernel and it seems to be running.
6.2 has the k3-j721e-beagelboneai64.dts file , so made the build relatively easy.

debian@BeagleBone:~$ uname -a
Linux BeagleBone 6.2.0-rc3-rt1 #1 SMP PREEMPT_RT Wed Feb  1 21:29:30 EST 2023 aarch64 GNU/Linux

will test the system latency next.


@RobertCNelson and @msjarvis ,

Is there a particular way to build or is it the normal build w/ particular options?


P.S. What is the “default arm64 defconfig” ?