AI-64 with ROS

Is there an image of Debian/Ubuntu for the BeagleBone AI-64 that is of a version that supports ROS? I believe all images listed on the official “images” page do not support ROS.

Docker is not an option?

Or compile from source code

I was checking and there is a version available of ros - but I couldn’t check the version - It’s a ros1

root@BeagleBone:~# rosversion --distro

ROS1 or ROS2? For ROS1, probably not officially – compiling from source, running in Docker or force-installing and seeing what breaks are probably your options. For ROS2, yes, Galactic (May 2021) and newer seem to have support at Tier 3 for Bullseye: REP 2000 -- ROS 2 Releases and Target Platforms ( That should at least mean there are confirmed-working installation instructions, although not necessarily pre-built packages (I don’t know).

I’d recommend using the Bullseye images for the AI-64 in any case.


At some point later this year TI plan to support 22.04 on TDA4VM, so ROS2 may be easier at that point.

Update: Looks like it will come out in July.