AI and Generative Coding in General/BBB and Onward!

Hello Everyone Having Issues or Making Strides w/ Satisfaction,

This goes to anyone looking to see random code work in an AI Generative fashion.

Old fashion or not, people are working towards what you want in AI generation and it is available now.

I received some emails about Google and Bing. If you do no already know, these both are specific Browsers w/ AI now.

That is…if you sign up for it. Me, yeap and myself here, have signed up to see generation take place and live w/ it alongside all the other tasks that take place in my life.

AI Code generation, although highly experimental, is something I have been waiting to see take place. From personal experience, I am the worst coder and/or technical person at times. I try and try. Still, to this day, me listening and abiding by notion has gotten me exactly where I am today. _________?

Anyway, so.

  1. Type JavaScript check if key exists
  2. See the output
  3. Fascination ensues

Anyway, it is extremely experimental and ready for use!


P.S. So, this guinea pig (ME) is going to try the experimental AI Generation. If anyone else has jumped on the bandwagon, please do reply. Oh! The Google Version now is called Search Labs. Although this may be off topic or objective to others, still, it is a new dawn where people are willing to admit the experimental is just that currently. An Experiment! I, for one, think this is great news and I think it may even help me be a better coder/software enthusiast!