ai64 keye go key-m adpator board

I want to install an SSD drive to AI64 board, but there is no KEY.M, look into the SCH, i think it is possible to make and adaptor board to convert KEY-E to KEY-M according to ti start kit and BB ai64 sch. I think all the signals are correct, but when boot, the OS did not detect the SSD which works well in SK board from TI. Any idea? Does Debian includes all necessary drivers for NVME SSD drive?

There are standard adapters on amazon, look here for my rightup: BBAI64 - NVMe - rootfs


Does that meaning, if the converter (key E to key M) is ok, we can detect/use SSD with the default Debian release for AI64 board, no extra driver or config needed?

Correct, with a proper key to key adapter nvme drives work just fine, as it’s PCIE routed to the correct spot… The board was designed to use PCIE based WiFi adapters.


Here is more information regarding the use of NVMe and AI64, this works extremely well.

Thank you. I made my own card in order to use both PCIE lanes, but it does not work. seems I need to check the hardware. Thank you.

Thank you. seem it is the problem with the hardware I made. I checked my SCH and PCB, still do not know what is wrong with it. Any hint to debug? at least the I2C signal detected by scope is OK.

Might be much deeper than that.
Use the TRM to research that a little bit more, sorry not much help.

I would at least connect your NVMe in the known working configuration so the drive/software can be verified as working. Then move over to the custom board.

Thank you for your suggestion, I bought one via the link provided. I will compare the difference and investigate what was the problem.

Just update firmware and my DIY adpter board works. get full speed of two lanes.


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That looks pretty good, glad you got it working. The AI64 makes a good server, both lanes running makes it even better.