Alexa (Amazon Voice Service) on BeagleBone Black

You guys may have seen Alexa running on the RPi 2 the past few months. I started seeing the news show up on my Google news feed and wanted to try on the BeagleBone. Overall I think it works pretty well on the little AM335x :slight_smile: I think with some optimizations it could be a bit better, but very usable.

My python project is over on github (, a fork of the AlexaPi project. The only Pi-specific code was the GPIO module, but I also wanted to improve the audio streaming support of the AlexaPi project, as this was my main intended use.

If you’re interested in building your own Alexa BeagleBone, and have not setup an Amazon Developer account before, Youtube user Novatech Spirit has a good walk-through setting up your Amazon developer account and a sample Alexa project:

Finally, if you’re curious to see my project action:

It would be great if you added this to We’ve been having some issues with some Wordpress accounts for the login. Let me know if you have troubles. It seems to be on the Wordpress side as best I can tell (Wordpress reports the user is not logged in).

Hi Mike,
I saw your blog on Alexa beaglebone and I got stuck at a point as shown below:
cd /home/debian/sdk-folder/sdk-build && python AuthServer/ &
this command is giving me an error as no such file or directory. Which package or repo bought this file, as following the above procedure didn’t bring this file.
Hoping for your quick response.