Allocations and Deduplication - Let the Fun Begin

Another important email. All Beagle mentors should assign themselves to at least one proposal by Tuesday so we can maximize slots.

Once we know the actual number of slots we receive, we can make further adjustments.


And yet another important email - Seems like only ORG-Admins (=Jason?) can assign actual mentors…

Possible mentors aren’t enough - See below or mail thread “Re: Allocations and Deduplication - Let the Fun Begin” on the list…

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So, just to be clear, this is mentors actually assigned (by the admin)

to the project, not ‘possible’ mentors who have nominated themselves?

That’s exactly right.

I am not really happy with having to assign mentors so early in the


  • I was intending to make the decision on which projects to accept

(considering who may be willing to mentor them), and then assign

mentors at the end.

You can change the assignment later on.

I think this is forcing me to just assign mentors to projects now,

without having decided if we want to choose them or not?

The reason for this is that the OSPO team wants to make sure that you have a possible mentor for each slot you request. If you don’t think about this now, you could end up having to go “oops, yeah, I don’t actually have a mentor for this proposal” later on. So yes, think about this now before you request any slots.

Yeah, I will choose a mentor from the list of possible mentors. Please sign up to mentor any project you’d be willing to mentor.

Am I the only one having problems using the GSoC Melange system today?

I have tried two different computers and two different browsers (IE and Chrome), but neither of them let me open any of the projects.

Instead I get a “Error on page” message (in IE) and “no response what so ever” (in Chrome) …

Yesterday evening CET the system was working with no problems. Any similar experience from any of you?

Best regards and thanks


OK – Seems to be a known problem just reported on the list as well…