ALSA simple sound card on BB AI via mcasp (i2s)

Does the latest Linux image for BB AI have the kernel compiled with enabled option “Asoc simple sound card support”? I have some problems with loading driver for the section {sound {compatible = “simple-audio-card”; …, declared in dts file. How can I check that this option is enabled?


You might be able to get it from /proc/config or/boot/config as described here:
That should give the list of the options used when building the kernel.

I would download the kernel sources for the kernel you are running and look up the configuration item you are interested in the menu from make menuconfig. The help text mentions the specific kernel option that will be set.

The following details you might not need but just for completeness:
The compatible fields are mentioned in the source code. So by a recursive grep (grep -r) you will find the source files for the driver that can be used for the hardware. You can then look at the Makefile and the Kconfig file in that directory.
That should also give you the kernel option.

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