AM3358+ (mostly BeaglePlay) graphics

What’s the current graphics driver combos for the AM3358 (black)?

Meta-ti is showing: 1.17.4948957

Which would be proprietary PowerVR.

Then looking at, it looks like Randolph has a mesa branch. Which I believe would be dependent on upstream mesa.

What’s the state of upstream PowerVR kernel + mesa for AM3358? I see the beagle play GPU is the lead driver for kernel. Likely device tree+ changes?

My preference would be to move to the open combo. I’m currently booting 6.6 kernel.

This is for my embedded flutter work.

Looks like the upstream Imagination PowerVR Rogue kernel graphics driver will be in Linux 6.8 for playing along with the Mesa PowerVR Vulkan driver. Which is expecting to use zink + vulkan.

Still not clear on the proprietary kernel + mesa combo. Looks like this might be zink + vulkan.

@RobertCNelson what are your transitions plans for the upcoming graphics changes?

SGX530 on am335x is not included in Imagination’s mesa open source plans… They have stated they won’t hinder anyone trying to reverse engineer it…


Still not usable for x11… Ti has back-ported the kernel module to there 6.6.x-ti tree…

Daily build are here: Index of /rootfs/debian-arm64-12-bookworm-xfce-v6.6-ti

Right now we are shipping v6.6-ti + mesa 24.0 with mainline PowerVR drivers… vulkcaninfo shows basic support… But Zink + Vulkan today is not able to run OpenGL in Desktop X11…

Commits are still hitting mesa: mesa/mesa - The Mesa 3D Graphics Library (mirrored from

mesa - daily ci builds: / ci-mesa-main · GitLab

ps weekly mainline 6.9.x + 24.0 mesa is here: Index of /rootfs/debian-arm64-12-bookworm-xfce-mainline


Awesome thanks!!

Wayland works though?

Last I tried Wayland on the BeaglePlay it loaded… but trying to get chrome/Firefox to use Vulcan/zink for acceleration did not work…

Side note with Nvidia new mesa stack using Vulcan/zink I’m expecting this to help is faster…


How did you get this to run on a 32 bit bbb?

I have had weston up on bbb but it is so slow its not practical.

I didn’t, see AM3358+ graphics - #3 by RobertCNelson topic morphed into 32bit and BeaglePlay…