am335x-bone-common differences in pullup/pulldown config for User LEDs

While trying to create my own device tree overlay for a custom cape, I found the following fragment in the am335x-bone-common.dtsi:

userled_pins: pinmux_userled_pins {
pinctrl-single,pins = <
0x54 0x7 /* gpmc_a5.gpio1_21, OUTPUT | MODE7 /
0x58 0x17 /
gpmc_a6.gpio1_22, OUTPUT_PULLUP | MODE7 /
0x5c 0x7 /
gpmc_a7.gpio1_23, OUTPUT | MODE7 /
0x60 0x17 /
gpmc_a8.gpio1_24, OUTPUT_PULLUP | MODE7 */



Why are half of the LEDs configured for pullup and half configured for pulldown. The BBB schematic shows 4 identical circuits.



My apologies. I meant to post this to the BeagleBone group.


Why? Lot more people here doing BeagleBone than over there!!