AM625 SoC for a new BeagleBone?


I recently stumbled upon this SoC here: AM625 data sheet, product information and support |

From its features it looks amazing: Quad core, 1,4 GHz, 2x 333MhZ PRU, loads of peripherals and interfaces just as the AM3358.

So wouldn’t that be a good SoC for the next generation BBB or BBG?

Yes, I know there are already some newer and more powerful variants of the BB available (and some of them already have disappeared), but all of them have the same problem: they are incredible expensive comparing to the original BB’s. Using this AM625 this problem could be solved as this SoC is quite cheap!?

What do you think?

There is already a Beagleboard with AM625: BeaglePlay® - BeagleBoard


Sadly the BeaglePlay is seriously lacking in I/O compared to all other boards with the exception of the BeagleConnect. You could get a Pi5 with 8G of ram for less than the Play.

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Yes, but it is lacking. I bought one and did not realize it does not have emmc. That is pretty much a must have feature. At least they put a clock on it this time, that was an issue a few years back.

Not sure how they can be at that price point, I am assuming they are being truth full about actually building the board in house in UK. The import stuff is so high relative to that board, that does not make sense unless greed is at play on that one.

I suspect most people will end up adding an NVME drive to the Pi. Given the power and speed.of the board an SD card or eMMC would be a bit of a bottleneck. Of course it does increase the cost.

Yes, but the issue is powering it with USB cable. I mentioned that to some one on the pi forum. Another community member went to the next level and tested cables and voltage and current drops and posted the information. Thin skinned PI removed my posts, they did not want everyone to realize the potential issue.

Just went thru a similar issue a year or so ago, one vendor that is using NVMe with an adapter board had power issues. I just jacked voltage upto 6V and their board runs perfectly.

Our AI64 test machine (server) that is live runs NVMe perfectly, it has a good powersupply. Most of the hobby stuff is good enough for charging batteries, step response is a critical metric of the power supply when selecting a power source for a very demanding application.

Other issue with the removable storage is it can be easily duplicated and plugged into another board. You just dumped 5-6 digits of labor cost into an image that a competitor can easily clone and your product is now dead in the water and they are laughing all the way to the bank.

The BeaglePlay is not a BeagleBone and therefore no real successor. When talking about BeagleBone, I mean something with the same form factor and similar IOs, but not some other, random device.