An interesting bealgebone/beagleboard alternitive

It has gpio output, a dual core 1ghz arm processer 1 G ram, and runs on 5 watts :slight_smile:
not to mention a bonus of a 16 core parrallel processer on it with ~11ghz processing power ( 16 * 750mhz )

Just re-read it it is 16 * 700mhz not 750, but still very awsome :slight_smile:

Great if it acts like planed ! wish to get it soon and use the BB-Xm only for playing Android toys :slight_smile:

I just got an email to say mine is due in May 2013.

Looking forward to using it with SDR (Software Defined Radio) projects.
Currently using a Pandabord and the ODROID-X for SDR work.