An X15 case

A simple case used in a US FIRST robot…

Hi Jason,

As an idea, for X15 demonstrations you guys should perhaps consider an enclosure with a machined top cutout containing
a large clear perspex window, and white LED strips inside shining down onto the board : )
We do something like that for our products at shows too. Customers love to see the technology - and it looks a
little glamorous : )
The strips get powered off some AA batteries (we find space inside the product to velcro-attach them out of sight).
Usually it can run for the entire day on the batteries, since LEDs don’t consume a lot of current.

I want to design a case for the X15. Have the board changes resulted in anything that would require me to change anything if I used my prototype as a basis? Do we have physical dimensions for the board somewhere?

Suggest adding a fan in the subsequently designed cases as the board can run quite hot.