Android 12L for BeagleBoard x15

Hello guys,
Is android 12L support available for BeagleBoardx15. I have access only to android 9, getting android 12 would help me a lot.

Hi @Imron_Gamidli

You dropped off irc, so here’s what you missed…

I get stuck about here…

fastboot flash super super.img

It just sits after loading a bunch…


Hello Robert,
Thank you for answering.
I am aware that Google maintains a beagle-x15 lunch target, therefore it is available even for Android 13.
My problem is flashing to the board, because sdk tools from Texas Instruments are for Android 9. I assume that there are scripts such as sure if it is exact file name) or accustomed to Android 9 only, such as creating the correct size of partitions etc.

Is there a way to get a new script or sdk tools for android 12?