Android and PRUs

Has anyone managed to communicate with PRUs from Android?

I am interested in running something on PRU0 that will send data to the CPU.

The main problem is that there is no remoteproc in precompiled android images. Is is possible for remoteproc to work under Android? Is there another way to communicate with PRUs from Android?

I have no prior experience working with Android so for me it looks pretty much like linux with some features removed.

I wasn’t sure if it was better for me to ask this question here or on the Android thread so I posted it in both.

What Android version and What Beagleboard version?

Remoteproc and PRU are tested on android on industrial AM57 platform variant of X15. You can refer processor sdk android release notes for this part.

TI appears to offer an Android processor SDK for the Sitara 572x (BB-X15), but I don’t see one for the 335X (BeagleBone Black).

The 572x, 571x platform has PRU’s, so I’m assuming that TI provides a way to load the PRU’s from their Android SDK on that platform. Maybe if you peruse their forums and post questions on TI E2E, they can help provide guidance on loading the PRU…

Let us know what you find out…



Also, could you please cross reference the Android forum you posted to so those interested can follow the status there?


Hello to all. I am in the process of installing the android sdk on the beaglebone AI. Has anyone used this with a GUI? And if so, how to load it? Or install one?