Android for beagleboardtoys beagleboard xm lcd7?

I got the beagleboard xm rev c2 and beagleboardtoys beagleboard xm lcd7. From the website
only angstrom for lcd7 is available. The project I am working on needs to run android 4+ on the bb xm. unfortunately, every image I can find on the web does not work with the bb xm LCD7.

any suggestion regarding how to make it work, e.g., to integrate the driver for lcd7 or others?

Can you specify what exactly does not work?

In fact, I tried several images from android beagleboard xm 2.3 to 4.1. The problem is that, after I wrote to the sd card and power on the bb xm lcd7 and bb xm, there was either colored vertical lines or half of the screen (vertically) showed the different brightness with the rest half.

I did some research and found the following patches

    2. 0001``-beagle-ulcd-passthru-support.patch
    The first one is for android 2 and I have not tried on either android 2 or android 4. The second one is the patch I have not tried yet.

Any suggestion regarding the recent patch/solution for bb xm lcd7 android jb or 4+?