Android for BeaglePlay


I have been attempting to get Android to work on my BeaglePlay and have had a problem at the last part of the process… I am following the instructions here: Beagle Play — ti-android-13 documentation

Has anyone got this to work?

Everything works (after a bit of messing about) but then when I try to perform the final flashing of the image I get this error:
$ sudo ./ --board am625-beagleplay

Formatting metadata partition
/home/user/src/ti-aosp-13/out/target/product/am62x/mke2fs failed with status 1
fastboot: error: Cannot generate image for metadata
formatting failed
******* Did you mean to fastboot format this ext4 partition?
Erasing ‘metadata’ OKAY [ 0.108s]

The device does try to boot but fails during the Android bring up seemingly because it is looking for something in this metadata partition - which is not there. So it reboots and gets stuck in a boot-loop.

Would appreciate any ideas anyone might have

I don’t use android, however this is relevant, connect a ttl to USB adapter to the linux debug port. You will see exactly what is going on during boot.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have a serial console open so I can see it getting quite far into the Android init processes. I was just wondering if anyone else had successfully managed to get Android working on the BeaglePlay.