android on beagle -- the wiki page

my observations regarding android on beagle:

fixes gratefully accepted.


Nice writeup. Using the patches I just posted, the BeagleBoard works fine with Android if you just check it out from directly, along with the OMAP kernel. You can use a local_manifest.xml something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

You also need to update the Linux config for Android. Then follow the steps on Rupesh’s Twiki to copy the rootfs and make the modifications to the keyboard map. As far as I can tell, everything except audio work. Even ADB over the Beagle’s OTG port works fine.

Ideally, the BeagleBoard would have its own TARGET_PRODUCT, and manifest, instead of using TARGET_PRODUCT=generic. This would make building much easier.


I tried doing the following:

$ repo init -u local_manifest.xml

And get the following:

Getting manifest ...
   from local_manifest.xml
error: 'local_manifest.xml' does not look like a v2 bundle file
fatal: Could not read bundle 'local_manifest.xml'.
fatal: cannot obtain manifest local_manifest.xml

Am I doing something incorrectly?

I actually posted a big long writeup as a new thread here in this
group yesterday, but I don't see it posted here. Is it because I am
not currently a subscribed member of this group, and that the
moderators need to approve my post, and has not yet done so?