Android on Beagleboard xM

Has anyone found a resolution to this problem. I just got a
Beagleboard XM and I am having the same problems: no USB mouse or USB
keyboard as well as red on the screen where another color should be.
I have tried two of the prebuilt binaries with the same result: TI
Android Froyo Dev kit v2.2 and TI-Android-GingerBread-2.3.4-

I have used pre-built Froyo Dev Kit and built my own uImage with USB HID. Both my build and the pre-built kernel are meant to have USB HID intrinsic to the kernel. I can say that the four USB A connectors on my BeagleBoard XM appear as dead as they can be. I think I might have read somewhere that you need the keyboard and mouse plugged into a powered hub with the powered hub joined to the BeagleBoard’s on the go connector. It’s been a while, I have had to struggle to get other things working but I believe I read the on the go or OTG connector is the mini USB connector. So keyboard and mouse into powerd hub and hub attached (probably mini B on hub to mini B on Beagleboard). I’m awaitng this rather perverted connector to try it and will let you know. Please let me know if you find the answer.


I suggest you to try Android from Rowboat wiki. This link may help you



I followed your link and I don’t really see the USB keyboard/ mouse bit at all. There is a lot of noise in that article though including SGX graphics which don’t concern me at all. My understanding is that USB HID support is built into the pre-built kernel and selected in my custom build but neither actually work. As the USB HID support is intrinsic to the kernel and not built as optional modules there are no modules that I need to distribute only that I should distribute uImage.

Q. Is that understanding correct?

Either way with the prebuilt kernal and filesystem USB keyboard and mouse aren’t recognised via the USB A connectors on BeagleBoard-XM. On Froyo documentation “TI-Android-FroYo-DevKit-V2_UserGuide.pdf” it says the following:


  • The AM35x EVM and Beagleboard have no keypad mappings, user is
    recommended to use USB Keyboard over a
  • Self powered USB HUB connected to the Host port of AM35x EVM or

Q. Which is the “Host port of BeagleBoard”? Is it the small mini B connector or any USB A connector? I take the connection enters the USB mini B of the hub?

Finally, the documentation says:

That there are key pad mappings and an example is F3 selects “Contacts”. Well, no, the USB keyboard doesn’t work!

I’ll ask an even more basic question - on connection of a USB mouse should I see a mouse pointer on the screen?


The USB keyboard/mouse depends on u-boot,so to add the patches follow
this link.

And also install proper version of SGX drivers already mentioned in
this link.

change the OMAPES=5.x, for DM37x as mentioned in above link.


I have just got Android Froyo USB mouse to work! Both prebuilt Froy and hand built Froyo - do I feel smug.

What is (well) hidden away in the literature:- you can use USB mouse with OTG usb connection. So you need to power your Beagle XM from its 5V jack. You have probably done this anyway because OTG doesn’t provide enough power to boot BeagleBoard-XM. What is really tucked away:

OTG port is MiniA using MiniB won’t work. My set up is keyboard and mouse into a self powered USB hub. USB hub connection into OTG port via USB A female to USB Mini A male. I bought my adapter here (the only one I could find after 2 hours of searching)…–plug–Socket/dp/B003MB4YXI/ref=sr_1_12?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1316259946&sr=1-12

BeagleBoardXM ←
(Adapter = OTG male mini USB A ← Female USB A) ←
(Cable = male USB A → male mini USB B)
← Self powered USB hub with mouse plugged into it.

When the screen boots you have a padlock bottom right with a up pointing grey triangle. Click on the triangle andf drag up the sreen to unlock Android.Next click on that tile thing to access Android apps.

See how painful all that was - it’s a wonder this thing will ever take off.

OTG port is MiniA using MiniB won’t work.

Yes, use a Mini-A plug if using the OTG port as a USB host port that attaches to a peripheral. Use a Mini-B plug if using the BeagleBoard to function as a USB device (gadget) that attaches to a host computer.

Special Computing also has the adapters.