Android on Beagleboard

I am new to embedded system development.

I have got a project offer in my college to develop a sms controlled power supply system (i.e. controlling a building’s power by sending sms message).
Can such kind of thing be implemented using BeagleBoard ?
I have the following plan :-
1)A DAC/PLC/ relay switch attached to power system (i m not from circuit branches so I don’t know much abt these things right now).

2)Connected to BeagleBoard device running Android OS. SMS processing algo is written on android os only.
3) a mobile device capable of sending sms.

So, is it possible to control the serial ports of the BeagleBoard from Android?

Any more ideas abt point 1) or overall project’s feasibility?

If the project is just to do with controlling building’s power supply remotely over SMS , i think using a beagleboard would be an overkill !

But anyways as a learning project ! Yes one can access the serial ports in the android OS ported onto a beagleboard !

Also a lot of commercially available serial GSM modems should give the access to the mobile SMS functionality !


I have already created an app to control other android running mobile devices via sending sms messages. I am thinking to use the same code to perform this. That’s why I need a Android running single-board computer.
If same thing can be performed using any simpler board running android, I would be happy to do in it.

Thanks for the quick reply,

Hello Pratik,

I think that is a great idea learn about the beagleboard & android,
but for this project it's no necesary. From my own point of view, you
can solve the control with a mbed or a maple board + gprs shield for
arduino, both development boards using a cortex M3 procesor that is
the same architecture (in other scale) that a beagleboard. If you work
with this "under level" hardware you can handle the serial port and IO
routines much more simply.

Mariano Bustos.