Android on Bone LCD , unwanted resolution , how to correct the right way ?


Just installed Android 4.1.2 on a BeagleBone
It is equipped with an uncommon 5,7" touchscreen lcd cape
The lcd native resolution is 640x480

Debugging serial output at during boot process, the cape is recognized as a standard LCD7 cape by beagleboardtoys

That’s strange…

and the resolution is set at 800x480
Since the LCD is a 640x480 one, the result is a truncated display.

As newbie I come to ask you what’s the right method to modify the screen resolution to match my 640x480 LCD

I’ve tried to play around uEnv.txt with the various omapfb.mode= argument without any useful result.

This method is not revant for Beaglebone.

Is this the right way to proceed ? Should I modify settings on some other location/file ???

You can always refer the rowboat kernel git tree ( to see how the cape support is added. e.g. LCD3 cape support was added in following commit: