Android touch xM why should it be so impossible?

I would like have a lcd-monitor in my kitchen, with apps for music,
foodtips, surfing the web and grocery lists and the idea is to run
this on android with a touchscreen. I allready own a touch-lcd screen
i surfed the web and found out that there was somthing called
Beaglebord xM and there was pepole who runs android on that board. So
i ordered a board and attached the lcd-monitor to it.

I have also got Android 2.2 from the TI_Android_FroYo_DevKit-V2 up and

BUT as it seems to be quite impossible for me to get the touch-part
working, i try a final aproach and ask this group what to do?

Im not in any way familiar with kernel development under Linux, so to
all you who answers me, please have have that in mind.

I can see that /dev/input/event1 and /dev/input/mouse0 is beeing used
by the touch, because if i do a "cat" command on one of those in the
console ill get a lot of garbage on the console when i touch the

If you have compiled a kernel that works with touch for the xM board
and a tslib (if ill need that for android) or know where i can find
it, please let me know.

Next best is a page who describe the steps, verry exactly and ill try

As i have searched the internet for this problem, ill found out that i
need to recompile the kernel with some changes, but i do not know what
the changes are, in witch files or if its more than the kernel who
need to be recompiled. Here im stuck. Compiling under linux is new to
me and ill have only just started with java, so i want to use Andrid
for my tryouts for apps making.

I can not in my life understand why there is a Android package without
touch support out there att all, so at the moment im quite sorry that
i bought this card. So please help me, or ill connet it to my TV so i
can surf from the livingroom.


It doesnt sound like a kernel problem. If you’re getting touch data, it’s likely a config problem.

Ok sounds promesing. But where do i configre this things. Is it that
im missing ts_lib (for android) then.

How should i do to find out what i should do?

I think in some sence that the touch device is missinturped as a
mouse. (But i dont see a cursor)

If i connect a ordinary mouse it works right off, but i really want to
be able to use the touchscreen.


Cant anybody please help me with this issiue?

Please answer if anybody know a answer to any of thease qustions to
help me in the right direction, because im totally stuck and thinking
of bying a new tablet instead, but the fact that im running everything
else ok, and just stuck with the touch problem (On a touchbased os)
just irritates me so mutch:

Is tslib needed in android?
If so, is there any prebuilt librarys for android and beagleboard

Does i need to have any other drivers?