Angstrom additional packages from Narcissus

Hello friends,

I am using the bleagleboard-xm along with the angstrom from narcissus website

I wanted to develop one QT application for that I want a guide line that how can i choose the additional packages from
narcissus site.

The other thing is I want a QT application running on the target board itself so that I can develop and run the QT applications on the target itself
I know it is possible but I wanted to know which packages i wanted to tick when i am building the online Image from narcissus?

In ADVANCE option I have to go … ok , but after that which package will give me the IDE of QT environment ??

after building n downlaoding the image do I hv to update the opkg ???
Cant I get update image directly from the online builder website like narcissus?

Please Help me out

Thanks in advance