Angstrom and VNC on Beaglebone

I have been trying to set up an Angstrom system so it is possible to connect to it using VNC, but without any luck. I have found lots of suggestions to how this should be done, but none detailing a success. The working setups all seem to use Ubuntu.

Does anyone have a step-by-step guide to this?

This is what I have done:
I have used this image:


And installed


If I then run

x11vnc -create

I see:

13/06/2012 09:42:17 x11vnc version: 0.9.13 lastmod: 2011-08-10 pid: 373

13/06/2012 09:42:17

13/06/2012 09:42:17 wait_for_client: WAIT:cmd=FINDCREATEDISPLAY-Xvfb

13/06/2012 09:42:17

13/06/2012 09:42:17 initialize_screen: fb_depth/fb_bpp/fb_Bpl 24/32/2560

13/06/2012 09:42:17

13/06/2012 09:42:17 Autoprobing TCP port

13/06/2012 09:42:17 Autoprobing selected port 5900

13/06/2012 09:42:17 Listening also on IPv6 port 5900 (socket 4)

13/06/2012 09:42:17

The VNC desktop is: beaglebone:0


So far so good…
But when I try to connect, I get the following error:

13/06/2012 09:44:33 Got connection from client

13/06/2012 09:44:33 other clients:

13/06/2012 09:44:33 incr accepted_client=1 for sock=5

13/06/2012 09:44:33 wait_for_client: got client

13/06/2012 09:44:33 Client Protocol Version 3.8

13/06/2012 09:44:33 Protocol version sent 3.8, using 3.8

13/06/2012 09:44:33 client progressed=1 in 0/3 0.000794 s

13/06/2012 09:44:33 client useCopyRect: 0

13/06/2012 09:44:33 client_set_net: 0.0076

13/06/2012 09:44:33 wait_for_client: running: env X11VNC_SKIP_DISPLAY=’’ /bin/sh /tmp/x11vnc-find_display.fBuPef

The program “Xvfb” could not be found in PATH and standard locations.

You probably need to install a package that provides the “Xvfb” program.

Without it FINDCREATEDISPLAY mode may not be able to create an X display.

xauth: file /home/root/.Xauthority does not exist

13/06/2012 09:44:34 wait_for_client: find display cmd failed.

13/06/2012 09:44:34 wait_for_client: FINDCREATEDISPLAY cmd: /bin/sh /tmp/x11vnc-find_display.fBuPef Xvfb

trying N=20 …

The program “Xvfb” could not be found in PATH and standard locations.

You probably need to install a package that provides the “Xvfb” program.

13/06/2012 09:44:36 wait_for_client: read failed: /bin/sh /tmp/x11vnc-find_display.fBuPef Xvfb

13/06/2012 09:44:36 fgets: Bad file descriptor

Unfortunately there is no Xvfb package available for the beaglebone if I search for xvfb: opkg update ; opkg list | grep xvfb

If I check the feed browser at, I can find xserver-xorg-xvfb for arm7a architectures, but not for v2012.05 eglibc

Same problem here, do you know whether there was any progress on this issue, or did you solve the problem?

Thanks a lot.

Nope, I never found a solution. Since I needed this functionality for my project, I gave up on Angstrom, and moved to Ubuntu, where it was very easy to set up.

I haven’t been on my beaglebone in a while, but I was able to use x11vnc and put the command in /etc/rc.local . The command syntax is something like :

x11vnc -display :0 -forever -passwdfile /point/to/passwd/file

Also if you read the help for x11vnc it is very easy to make it listen only to localhost, and setup ssh for stronger encryption.