Angstrom boot hangs up on "Uncompressing Linux"

I’m trying to use a BeagleBoard xM for a robotics project. I’ve installed Angstrom on a 4 GB SD card as per I plugged the SD card into my BeagleBoard xM, configured minicom to interact with the BeagleBoard’s serial terminal, and applied power to the Board. The serial console listed a lot of boot information, as you can see at . The last line in the console, where I believe the error is, reads “Uncompressing Linux”.

I also have an HDMI cable running from my BeagleBoard xM to my monitor. The monitor showed a loading screen with a loading bar at the bottom. When the bar was full, the screen then changed to a console output,
as seen at

My uEnv.txt is

Does anyone know what is causing my BeagleBoard xM to not boot?