Angstrom build question

I noticed that building the latest virtual kernel for beaglebone resulted in kernel version 3.8.8, but building cloud 9 image I see:

0: linux-mainline-3.2.28-r122a do_compile_kernelmodules (pid 29241)

Why the two versions?

Just curious.



I attempted to build my kernel modules for the beaglebone based on the attached example files. I now find that they are being built for kernel version 3.2.28 rather than 3.8.8. Two questions:

1) Why the two kernel versions?

2) How do I get my modules to build?

This module and others built fine on version 3.2.34


Dave. (987 Bytes)

kmodule_test.h (18 Bytes)

kmodule_test.c (271 Bytes)

Please disregard the last couple of posts. I have decided that it must have been operator error somewhere :-[ A fresh checkout fixed all problems.

Sorry for any inconvenience,