Angstrom console autologin?

Hi all,
I've followed the instructions here:

I'm connected to the BB via a serial cable, but when I reboot I still
get prompted to login. Does anyone have any suggestions?

My /etc/inittab looks like this:

# $Id: inittab,v 1.91 2002/01/25 13:35:21 miquels Exp $

# The default runlevel.

# Boot-time system configuration/initialization script.
# This is run first except when booting in emergency (-b) mode.

# What to do in single-user mode.

l0:0:wait:/etc/init.d/rc 0
l1:1:wait:/etc/init.d/rc 1
l2:2:wait:/etc/init.d/rc 2
l3:3:wait:/etc/init.d/rc 3
l4:4:wait:/etc/init.d/rc 4
l5:5:wait:/etc/init.d/rc 5
l6:6:wait:/etc/init.d/rc 6
# Normally not reached, but fallthrough in case of emergency.
S:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 115200 ttyS2
1:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty --autologin root tty1

Thanks in advance!

You have only configured tty1 for autologin. tty1 is not the serial
port console. The serial port console is ttyS2.

you're absolutely right. I was making minimal changes to the existing
inittab without paying enough attention...

Changing it to the right port made a world of difference. :slight_smile: