Angstrom how to find what ipk has module required?

I am trying to get pychess to run on the Angstrom and having problems
trying to sort out the dependencies.

My first one was pywebbrowser which through a google searsh found to
be in "python-misc". I have been using opkg list-installed | grep
"module required" to see what is installed but I need a quick way to
find out where the module I need next, is packaged in the Angstrom
downloads. So far I have not found how to do this in the OPKG
    The next dependency is the python gtksourceview2 module.
So a quick way of sorting these out would be appreciated.


What about checking the Angstrom Package Repo?

It shows the package dependencies and you can always download and expand specific packages from there to see what they contain.

Hope that helps,

Jake thanks for the suggestion, but that only gives what the overall
package depends on, not what is is in a package such as "python-
misc". It is one of the things you can do with the debian online
package browser, to find out what package contains the module you
need. Guess Angstrom does not have a way to do this from the web, it
is probably hidden the the build commands for each package, which do
not seem to be viewable using a web browser, but only if you download
the whole build system to your local computer.