Angstrom Mplayer Tv Support


Is there a reason why mplayer in Koen's Angstrom demo doesn't have tv support? I'm trying to test a webcam (Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000) and luvcview doesn't work with the camera on my ubuntu laptop.

If there's no reason why it couldn't be enabled, I think I need to recompile mplayer with the tv option enabled.

This sounds like a good lesson in cross compiling for the BeagleBoard!

Do I need a special version of the mplayer source code or can I just grab the latest from the mplayer website? Do I need to do anything special to get the NEON optimizations? What configuration options should be set (this gets done by running ./configure, but I can't do that on the beagleboard since mplayer doesn't support gcc version 2.96)?

Basically, I'd like someone to direct me on how to recompile mplayer for Angstrom the same way it was done for the demo image, except with the tv options enabled.



The latest mplayer in the feeds (0.0+1.0rc2+svnr27659-r5.1) has tv
support, so do:

opkg update ; opkg install mplayer

to update your copy. That does require network access.