Angstrom nodejs configuration

I’m playing around with my BBB and I’m using Ubuntu 13.04 [mainly as I’m familiar Ubuntu]

So far I have it up and running, and I’ve installed a basic LAMP setup[apache, PHP, mysql] as well as nodejs.

I cloned the bonescript repository and I can run
‘sudo /var/nodejs/bonescript/demos/blinkled.js’ successfully

I’m curious how the web server on the Angstrom MMC is configured. Mounting it’s partition, I don’t see anything in the cloud9/autorun folder so I’m not sure how web access to bonescript is setup there. I’d like to replicate that functionality so I can confirm things working in bonescript.

My goal is to port functions over to a PHP library as I need them since I prefer coding in PHP - I just like having the option to refer back to the source.

So, any hints on what packages are setup and configured in Angstrom to provide web access?

Stupid followup question. I want to save the variables from bone.js into json data files, ie:

exports.pins ==> save to pins.json
exports.pinIndex => save to pinIndex.json
exports.uarts ==> save to uarts.json
exports.i2c ==> save to i2c.json

I’d prefer to do this via a simple script so that I can re-run it whenever the file changes, ie my first stab was:

var b = require(‘bonescript’);

var fs = require(‘fs’);

var pinIndex = exports.pinIndex;

jsonString = JSON.stringify(pinIndex);

fs.appendFile("./pinIndex.json", jsonString, function(err) {

if(err) {


} else {

console.log(“The file was saved!”);



This runs successfully, but the file pinIndex.json is empty - I am assuming I’m not doing something I need to do in order to load the data into accessible variables[not being very familiar with node.js].

My purpose here is to avoid reuse as much as possible from bonescript when creating my PHP library - so if I convert the board definitions to a json data file, it is extremely simple to read these files and parse them in PHP.

Anyone familiar enough with nodejs to give me a hint?