Angstrom on BB-xM with Micron memory won't work

I have a BB-xM with the new Micron memory. It works great with the
image that came with it and I can download the validation image from
this site (
) and it will load and run great.

Yesterday after many problems with many customers the Ubuntu team
admitted that their Ubuntu Build will not work with the new Micron
memory. Asked customers to wait.

But I can't get an image from Narcissus to work on my board. Even the
simple console image will not work. I get the same type of errors
that I saw with the Ubuntu image.

In case you think I am "burning" the image incorrectly here is the
process that I use.

Download the two files from Narcisuss.
# create image file
gunzip random-8c5410b1-image-beagleboard-sd-1GiB.img.gz
# burn image on sd card
sudo dd if=random-8c5410b1-image-beagleboard-sd-1GiB.img of=/dev/sdb
# put the root files on /dev/sdb2
sudo tar -xvj -C /media/rootfs -f random-0746aa18-image-

Below is the output of a typical boot process. Notice how it starts
to fall apart after the "starting udev" statement; udev is where is
starts using user memory and not kernel memory.

I'm stuck. The only image that I can get to run on the BB-xM is the
one that shipped with it and it's image is ram based, so I lose all my
changes after every boot. I have tried stopping the boot process and
tired all the hardware test, including the memory test, and every
thing checks out.

Has anyone else had success with a Rev-A board, Micron Memory and a
Narcissus build? Is there anywhere I can get a successful image to
try on my unit?

Help would be greatly appreciated.

I have not gotten a narcisus build to work, but I have gotten an oebb installation to work.

I am kind of new to the BB community, what is a "oebb installation"
and where do I get it?

When you say you "have not gotten a narcissus build to work" does that
mean you have not tried, or tried and failed?


DEmo Image on C4 while booting says Kernel-Panic-not synching

Since upgrarding UBoot and Xloader to the ones required by UBUNTu my terminal ouput is too unreadable to send in email

I followed these steps

To initialize your card under Windows, you can do the following:

1. Download and install Ubuntu’s Win32DiskImager (also known as the win32-image-writer).
1. Download and install 7-zip compression software.
1. Download the BeagleBoard verification SD card image file. (Alternatively, you can download the demo image file.)
1. Decompress the verification image file using 7-zip.
1. Insert the SD card writer/reader into the Windows machine.
1. Insert >=128MB SD card into the reader/writer. (If you are using the demo image file you will need an SD card of 4GB or greater)
1. Start the Win32DiskImager.
1. Select the decompressed verification image file and correct SD card location.
1. Click on ‘Write’.
1. After the image writing is done, eject the SD card.


I guest is…
op: OpenEmbedded
bb: BitBake

2010/10/20 Trey <>