Angstrom - Ratlink USB WiFi


I have got a cheap USB WiFi (Ari Live WN-360USB) which I am to get to work in Angstrom on BeagleBoard C4.

When I try this USB WiFi on an Archlinux computer it gets recognized by rt2800usb an works flawlessly.

On Angstrom, however, there is no package rt2800usb (and rt2800lib which is also necessary) at least I was unable to find one.

It there any way how to get rt2800usb into Angstrom?



u can download from here,

Thanks for your reply.

On the site you have mentioned I can only download the rt2870sta driver, which is also available from the Angstrom repositories ( but unfortunately this driver does not work with my WiFi adapter.

Any other suggestions ?

there seems to be a corresponding c and header file in the kernel source. have you tried them

Hi Marek,

Install below package in Angstrong.

opkg install kernel-module-rt2800usb

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I use another RT3070-based dongle with Angstrom and it works wine with
rt2870sta driver. All I had to do was to copy firmware file from my
desktop computer. If you haven't done it yet check serial console for
messages about problems with uploading firmware to the dongle. For
some reason the driver may want to load firmware for a slightly
different chipset (IIRC it wanted to load firmware for rt2870 on my
system), but making a symlink in the firmware directory was a
sufficient workaround.


I use ralink 3070/3370 chipset , dlink dwa 125 usb Wlan adapter.

I can do that but the kernel-module-rt2800usb is not precompiled for beagleboard platform as we can see here

All I can see from dmesg output is

[ 214.614166] rt2870sta: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned.
[ 214.669525] rtusb init —>
[ 214.672607] usbcore: registered new interface driver rt2870

hi, what is the price of USB WiFi (Ari Live WN-360US)? please end me the vendor details…

thanks and regards
babu narasimha reddy

dmesg shows only kernel messages. There can be more info from userland
on the console. Did you look at them?


I hope it is not too late to suggest this: