Angstrom SD Images for Beginners 1 Click Setup !!!

It took from me, and may be others who are not pro linux users, to figure and install Angstrom on SD card, and since time is important for us, here I attached 1 step easy to restore Image backup, that you can install it easily with Acronis True Image Home 2013.

  1. Plug your microSD in your PC
  2. Open Acronis
  3. Follow the regular steps to restore the 2 partitions boot (100MB) , and Narcissus-rootfs ,

This ease the life if you want to restore your image on 8GB or 16GB, Acronis does all the work for you, no need to have a PHD in linux ! to focus on your project not on OS installing !

Here is the file , it is compressed in RAR format. Enjoy :slight_smile:

hi there, is this image file be used for beagleboard c5?

Sorry forget to mention, it is image for BeagleBoard XM, OS: Angstrom Linux 2.6.32