Angstrom USB WiFi support at 5GHz (technically 5.8GHz)

Is there any WiFi adapter I can get that I can plug into my BBB and get out of box support to connect to my 5GHz WiFi network?

I’ve been trying to use the Linksys AE1000 adapter, and managed to get it working after installing a “.bin” firmware that I found somewhere else. I’ve still been having OS lockup issues and think it may be related to the network adapter, so am loking for alternatives.

I picked up a TP-Link TL-WDN3200 over the weekend, because I’d heard good things about other TPLink adapters. When I plugged this in, it wasn’t loading enough to show me a wlan0. I don’t really feel like figuring out this adapter right now, so it’s probably going back.

I don’t need 802.11AC support, I just need to be able to run at 5GHz and connect to my 802.11N access point, which I’m pretty sure is backwards compatible with running 802.11A as well.


TPLink is just an oem, they use every chipset, so you need always
double check:...

the WDN3200 is ralink based...