Another Battery Question

I know this probably amounts to cheating but I can only read the TPS65217 datasheet so many times before I go crazy…

I have a single cell LiPo battery connected as per all available instructions. It appears to be charging and when power is removed from the DC main the board stays powered up. My question/issue is why does it go into la la land and start flashing (on/off) the power down prompt window endlessly? When I re-apply power the prompt becomes stable and since I am now running off the LiPo I cannot choose to discard the auto shutdown procedure which starts counting down.

I am really hoping to turn the battery port into a UPS for the BBB so that when the power browns/drops out, temporarily, that it will keep operating and not require any user input. Are there settings in the 65217 that I have missed?



Did you check the datasheet for the TPS65217? There may me SW support missing to support the battery…


Thanks Gerald,

Perhaps you could point me in the direction of some resources to assist in setting the PMIC registers (In particular the ACM in the INT Register)? I see from the schematics where a guy could access the I2C0 lines but there has to be a way to do this via the OS?



You can do it via the OS or the UBoot. Either way, you will need SW to do it. And to have it integrated into a driver for the PMIC.

You will need a SW person to help you out on this one.


I’m pretty sure that 40 sec shutdown is affected by the kernel/rootfs. Tps65217 itself can’t make desisions I suppose. Especially blink leds

What os do you use?

Try the following: be in u-boot and remove the main dc. As 100% u-boot knows nothing batteries you can narrow down your search.

I agree. The 40 second delay is driven by the kernel code.