Another BeagleV board from, now with built-in FPGA fabric, BeagleV-Fire!

BeagleV-Fire is arriving at distributors now for about $150. If they say they are out of stock, don’t worry, they’ll fill their stock today. I think only the UK sites are showing stock already.

Board uses Microchip Polarfire MPFS025T SoC with quad RISCV64GC and a management RISCV64 core. Key features:

  • 23k FPGA logic elements
  • BeagleBone AI form-factor and headers (not AI-64 or BeagleV-Ahead)
  • M.2 with E-key for PCIe/SDIO WiFi
  • SYZYGY high-speed I/O connector
  • 2GB LPDDR4, 16GB eMMC, 128Mbit SPI Flash

The announcement is up: Makes FPGA and RISC-V Accessible with New BeagleV-Fire Single Board Computer at $150 - BeagleBoard

The board info page with purchase links is up:

The initial documentation page is up: BeagleV-Fire — BeagleBoard Documentation

The board design repo is up: BeagleV-Fire / beaglev-fire · GitLab


That looks very interesting. I have wanted to mess around with FPGA’s for a while now, Hopefully there will be some good documentation available.

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This is awesome.

It seems that the RISC-V hard cores can be split up between Linux and RTOS/bare metal if desired. This is a very powerful feature.

The FPGA nerds will have fun with this too.

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The first issue is the dependencies, $ apt-cache search genimage does not locate anything close to

This is Ubuntu 22.04

Is the gitlab complete, some directories are empty, specifically, toolchain is empty.

Any plans for a yocto layer for this board


Just found the yocto layer for the SoC

Link to SoC specific information on Microchip site:

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More repos have been made public. Working now on making sure everything needed to build the working images and gateware is public.

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GREAT JOB on the BeagleV-Fire! You might want to consider a bigger FPGA once the dust settles.
This board is going to profoundly change the hardware landscape!

The Libero install does not work on Ubuntu 23.04, looked like it worked, the installer certainly was busy, but nothing but a few empty subdirectories when the installer finished.

It’s not exactly an emergency as there is plenty to work on until my board arrives. I guess Murphy wants me to work on PCBs:)

Thanks. If you want to do some gateware updates ahead of getting the tools installed, you can fork the bitstream-builder repo and use our gitlab-runners to build it. Looking know, I think we might need to debug a few things for it to run on forks, but we’d be happy to work it out. I think the .gitlab-ci.yml needs a tag and to add runners that aren’t tied to specific repos.