Anstrom Narcissus build NFS mount rootfs and PowerVR SGX support problem

First, I want thank the Anstrom/Narcissus team for their work on
helping the beagleboard development communities. Great job indeed. =)

I am using Angstrom Narcissus build image with bb-xm rev.B to work on
a console emulator project. My requirements are PowerVR SGX support
and NFS mount rootfs from PC host. With the kernel version, 'next',
the board successfully initializes DHCP and NFS mount rootfs from PC
host, but the PowerVR SGX driver cannot work. I guess possibly it was
built with different kernel? How could I rebuild the driver for the
'next' version kernel?

On the other hand, the kernel '2011.03' works perfectly for PowerVR
support, but cannot NFS mount rootfs from PC host, due to DHCP
initialization failure. Any suggestion to make NFS rootfs mount work
on kernel '2011.03'?