Antminer controller repurposing

Hi, I have a bunch of these BB Black boards extracted from Bitmain Antminers S4/S5/S7

Is there any way that I can reuse them?

thx in advance

bbb (1).jpeg

bbb (2).jpeg

Maybe... They are pretty neutered.. No usb power, dc power jack. Power
over header... Looks like a nand flash, we never used that, so the
boot pins are probably different..

What's the used resale market on them?

A BeagleBone Green is around $44 new..

So if you can sell them for more then $44, i'd do that..

If you want to play around, start with this image:

It'll at-least get you into u-boot, so you can read the board eeprom..
(in theory)..

But yeah, no support, i don't have any of these..


as long as they respond to ssh is good since i can try what to do afterwards

thanks in advance

soldered a DC power header to turn it on without the secondary controller board that comes with the miner

used the image you recommended without success… it just refuses to boot

flashed the original firmware using hdd raw copy tool and it boots normally

original firmware

perhaps you can stripe open said image to compare?