Any possible way to disable LED D14 on the BeagleBoard-xM on a rev-A2 board?

Having searched Google, the archives, and the BeagleBoard-xM rev-A2
datasheet, as well as the technical reference manual for the TPS65950
chip, I seem unable to disable the LED D14 on the BeagleBoard-xM as
per indications in its respective datasheet. After having cross-
referenced information as accurately as I could manage, I decided that
writing a value of 0x00 to I2C bus 1, device 0x4a, address 0xee (which
I believe is the LEDEN register), as well as disabling the LEDA and
LEDB PWM interval registers, I seem unable to actually disable this
LED as per documentation. Strangely, however, when poking value 0x33
to the same I2C device register, the USB hub, along with said LED, are
disabled altogether, unexpectedly.

Am I stupid? Have I neglected to follow up on the vibrator function
controls of the TPS65950 chip? Have I misinterpreted the electrical
diagrams for the LEDs, or perhaps stumbled upon an undocumented aspect
of the TPS65950 chip? Any advice will do; if need be, I'm fine with
living with the LED permanently on along with the hub. It's also
quite possible I misinterpreted the documentation in the BB-xM rev-A2
datasheet and it really means the only way to disable to LED is by
disabling the hub.

Anyhow, thank you very much for your time and consideration. I offer
you the kindest regards I can muster.