Anyone from India ordered Beagle board from IDA systems?

I have been tinkering with the idea of playing with the Symbian
sources and the best way to do it is to play around with the Beagle
So has anyone in India ordered one from IDA systems? Need some
feedback before I take the final plunge.
As per this link more modules are needed to make calls. Also from
where to order the other components?
Any info would be welcome.


IDA Systems is a reliable source also you can get the accessories for 3000 INR extra but you have to buy your own HD screen

good luck


I have ordered from IDA system …you can get other material in local place itself else can be ordered from IDA system itslef.

Thanks a lot for the feedback. This gives me some assurance.
I will be ordering one shortly.Will post updates here once done.


Anyone interested in buying BeagleBoard C4?

I have BeagleBoard (C4). I brought it from IDA Systems couple of
months back. Main purpose of buying this was experimentation. Wanted
to put some custom code there and try out small projects. I could get
it booting - gentoo, ubuntu. Tried connecting it to internet which
worked. Attached USB pen dives, camera to it. Also wrote some python
codes to run on it. So overall, its a wonderful embedded environment
to work (and experiment).

From last couple of weeks, I have not got free time to work on it and
looking at current engagements, its going to be hard in future.
So I wanted to sell this before it gets outdated.

Board which I am selling is in very good condition and with
bill/receipt from IDA Systems. I can also show a demo if needed :wink:
So give me a call on 9765390459 if you are interested. I am based in
Pune, India.


I have bought Beagleboard, Hawkboard etc from IDA. It is a reliable source.